Unicron, the Chaos Bringer, is the morbidly obese cybertronian god of destruction, and the ultimate evil of the universe. He is the evil twin brother and arch-enemy of the benevolent god Primus. His evil literally runs through his veins in the form of zombie juice.

 Not only is Unicron evil, he is fat AF. Unicron is a gluttonous monster, traveling around outer space and devouring every single planet he sees like bologna sandwiches. Legend tells that his massive, bulging stomach contains the Pit itself, and that his moobs house furnaces that burn the inhabitants of the planets he consumes. Other claims have stated that he farts a rancid acidic vapor that melts anything that it comes in contact with. Unicron’s sole life goal is to consume every single thing in the universe, so that he can finally take a nap (or possibly die of diodebetes).

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