Hugh D. Megatronus, better known as "Megatron", is the cruel and tyrannical emperor of destruction, and the leader of the Decepticons. He is also the founder of the Decepticon cause, and the president of the Decepticon My Little Pony fan club, and he rules both his army and his fan club with a literal iron fist. A former gladiator gone dictator, Megatron is one mean bastard. He is the arch nemesis of the great robo-jesus Optimus Prime, whom he could never forgive for "betraying" him or something. The main philosophy that he goes by is "Peace through Tyranny", which, much like his motives, is also very self-contradictory. His main goal is to destroy the Autobots, and find the Allspark to use it to cyberform every single planet in the galaxy to his liking.

Megatron is a very sick, twisted creature in general. He hates organic life as a whole, and by extension, you. He hates pretty much anybody who gets on his bad side, and sometimes for just simply existing. But for some reason, he really seems to like Bumblebee, despite him being an Autobot. He is also a racial supremacist, and he believes that Cybertronians are the master race that should rule the Universe (Adolf Hitler, much?). Megatron is a strong supporter of child labor, being especially infamous for kidnapping young protoforms and enlisting them into Decepticon ranks against their will. Nowadays, he has gotten into the nasty habit of devouring the sparks of his fallen foes. Rarely anybody has ever challenged him and lived to tell the tale (because they all fucking die).

Biography Edit

Megatron was born via C-section during the golden age of Cybertron. He was the progeny of the poor Megatronus family, and was raised by Mama Megatronus, the beautiful and caring wife of Papa Megatronus. At birth, he was given the name " Hugh Donavan Megatronus". As a child, Megatronus enjoyed watching My Little Pony on the boob tube, and was often made fun of for it.

At the age of 85 (17 cybertronian years), Megatronus started working for an energon mining company in hopes of getting a few energon chips for his family. However, little did he realize that it was a slave business. I'm not kidding, the mining employees were literally slaves. And suprise suprise, Megatronus never got paid. What's worse is that he was bossed around by the worst possible slavemaster: Whirl. Whirl was so agitating and so nagging, that bit enraged Megatronus to the point of snapping. Megatronus then beat the living slag out of whirl, kicking him in the lugnuts and body slamming him. Fortunately Whirl survived, and from that experience, Megatronus learned that he could make use of his fighting skills. He could use it to get money for his family. He then quit his job, and headed off to the gladitorial arena to fulfill his new life dream.

Megatronus, being happy as a clam, headed to the city of Kaon to become a gladiator. In the arena, he fought like a champion. He battled opponents of all sizes, from the smallest insecticons to the biggest beasts, with he himself always being the victor. Megatronus gained a massive following of fanboys and fangrils who all wanted to suck his cock get his autograph. With his fame also came tons of money, and . He also became friends with a fellow Gladiator named Soundwave, whom he often drank brewskis with.