Despite being autonomous robotic organisms, Cybertronians do have distinct genders, and can fall in love and/or have sexual feelings for one another. Very...fucky feelings. Individuals may find themselves in love with a special person. This person is referred to as the "Conjunx Endura".

The Conjunx Endura is the cybertronian slang word for "spouse". Somebody that ya wanna fuck, you know what I'm sayin'? If somebody you see makes your pee-pee go boing or your pussy get wet, then they are most definitely your Conjunx Endura. The term can also describe your wife or husband, or someone that you pay to have sex with you.

Once someone finds their conjunx endura, they will perform the ancient marriage ceremony known as "Conjunx Ritus", in which a couple becomes paired for life. Once the ceremony is completed, the couple will proceed to fuck each other from behind. Love is such a beautiful thing. isn't it?

Those who complete the ritual successfully might be lucky enough to get the succ from their Conjunx Endura.